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Not so funny – the sad state of society our children have to deal with.

Today’s Baldo by Hector Cantú and Carlos Castellanos


Moving on to funnier stuff.

A couple of Panthers by Frank Cho


Rob Stolzer appreciates cartoonist Lichty.

As does Stephen Worth at Animation Resources.


Last week’s used book store catch.
Humor: Sponsored by the Society of Illustrators

They used the wonderful Elwood H. Smith illustration above for the dustjacket cover.
How could I resist? I understand there’s a Volume 2.


1950s and 1960s (Dan) DeCarlo magazine cartoonist

vs. 1950s and 1960s deCarlo magazine cartoonist.

Anyone know anything about this “other” deCarlo?


From a 1963 Bullwinkle comic strip.

Bullwinkle meets Little Orphan Annie (kinda) by Al Kilgore.

One thought on “The Funny Pages

  1. I love Frank Cho’s blank sketch cover art!!! That was awesome!!!!

    In case you are unaware of blank variants, they are so cool. I use them at my shows to create commissioned drawings of my characters for my readers. You can get them at local comic book stores, but you may need to ask the owner to save one or order one in advance as they tend to sell out quickly.

    I am also so happy for Hector Cantú’s and Carlos Castellanos’s recent success with Baldo. They’ve worked so hard and earned it! Hector is the nicest guy too though I have only communicated with him through emails. I so appreciate your support Hector!

    One last note. I love the art on the Bullwinkle strip! The lines are so clean and creatively produced as only a bottle of ink and a quill can do. Computers are killing the art of cartooning!!! The lettering is so perfect, yet artistically created. Each letter is like a snowflake… each is unique and not exactly like the next. Lettering by hand makes a comic strip pop. Digital fonts drive me crazy. They just do not look right. Stupid computers…. Okay, I am OFF my soap box.


    – Davy Jones

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