More Fun Facts About The Funnies

In April of 2014 Prince Valiant by Mark Schultz and Tom Yeates contained a first.

After 77 years the Prince Valiant comic strip bared its hero’s chest and revealed…….nipples.
Michael J. Bayly, on his A Prince Named Valiant blog shares images, both before and after, of the historic first.
And part of an interview with Cullen Murphy.

[My father J. Cullen Murphy] had a list of what he called 35 noes – the things you couldn’t show. And, you know, some of them would be obvious, and some of them were not obvious. Like, you weren’t allowed to show a pair of dirty socks lying on a chair.

The above Fun Fact is not part of Jake Rossen‘s 8 Things You Might Not Know about Prince Valiant as presented from Mental Floss.


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