Questions from a Comic Strip Fan

First and most important: Can anyone tell me if all is well with Jim Scancarelli? Gasoline Alley, in its centennial year, has been reruns since November 2017; and Jim doesn’t seem to be just fiddlin’ around.


Why won’t Mark Schultz and Tom Yeates reboot their strip to “Tales of Young Val” like I want?


What’s the deal with Peter Gallagher and multiple images?


Bill Holbrookhowdoes …he do it? Three dailies and only some coloring help!!??


Why doesn’t the National Cartoonists Society create an award for pre-NCS cartoonists?
No McManus or McDougall or McCay or McCutcheon or other worthies on their awards page.


Not meaning to disrespect current artists but…has there been a better 21st century comic strip artist (‘five finger division’) than Eduardo Barreto?


Is Mort Walker‘s creative hand still a part of current Beetle Bailey strips?




Next – I got lots of Andrews McMeel comic strip questions too, but:
Why won’t GoComics let me go more than two or three weeks deep into the comic strip archives before they block me out?

And it ain’t just me, here’s Fraser Sherman:

First, a complaint., which is where I read a lot of daily comic strips online recently redesigned. The way it now works, I go to the page for a given strip, and instead of seeing today’s strip, I have to click through further. It’s not a lot of time, it just annoys me.

A bigger problem is that I can’t get more than eight or nine strips read before the site cuts out. That’s very inconvenient — I’d much sooner work through my strips in one fell swoop than a bit at a time. It’s bad for them because I just settle for reading the ones I like best, then giving up.

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  1. I hadn’t noticed any changes at GoComics. Are you a member? It may be that the visitor site has changed. Maybe time to dig under the sofa cushions and find $20?

  2. GoComics’ intermediate page between selecting a comic to read and getting to read it is annoying, yes, but what I want to know is why “Kevin Necessary Editorial Cartoons” is not listed under “Political Cartoons.”

  3. RE: GoComics.

    If you’re not enjoying the new feature lander page you can either pay to subscribe or register for a free account. You can then navigate the comics you want to read directly under the MY COMICS navigational tab.

    Not sure why that reader’s having the experience where the site cuts out. They can go to the link below and detail their issues to our customer service team.

    Just a friendly reminder that GoComics is a business and we pay more than 500 cartoonists for their work. In order to pay the cartoonists, we have to monetize the site. So if you choose not to subscribe and have a delicious ad free experience, you do get to see all the wonderful ads.

  4. Thanks for the inquiry! To answer your question, I work on a three-week schedule. For example, during one week I’ll write about 24-30 gags for “Kevin & Kell” while drawing 18 “Safe Havens” strips from the gags I’d written the previous week. The next week I’ll draw 21 “Kevin & Kell” strips while writing for “Fastrack.” And on it goes.

  5. One question not asked: Is there any reason why Big Nate has been in reruns since the start of 2018 and if there is no word on if the strip will resume new episodes or if Lincoln Pierce has decided to end the strip for good sometime this year?

  6. Could Jim Scarnelli of Gasoline Alley be ailing or something like that since the strip went into reruns with new copyright year since November 2017?

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