NCS Uncovers Awards Error

The National Cartoonists Society has discovered that two awards were given out erroneously last Saturday at the Reubens banquet in Philadelphia.

From NCS President Bill Morrison’s note to the membership:

When compiling the names of the winners to send to our award manufacturer, I accidentally took the names for the four online voting categories (Newspaper PanelNewspaper StripEditorial Cartoon, and Gag Cartoon) from the preliminary nomination results rather than from the final online member-voting results. This caused two incorrect awards to be created and announced at the Reuben Awards show. I have personally contacted the cartoonists who were incorrectly announced as winners, along with those who actually won, and offered my sincere apologies and regret.

The two categories are Gag Writing and Editorial Cartoons. The actual winners are Pat Byrnes and Clay Bennett respectively.