Philadelphia Public Library Celebrates Section 741 with CARTOONAPALOOZA

A portion of a private library’s 741 section (nicked from Brian Fies)

National Cartoonists Society members are beginning to show up in Philadelphia today for The Reuben Awards Weekend. And while The Dinner and Awards Ceremony, and various seminars, and The Board meetings are all members- or invitation-only (I hear Jeff has invited brother Glen to the old hometown:-), they also mix with the public. Charity events and visits to hospitals are not out of the ordinary. A meet and greet with their fans is a regular event. This year, on Sunday May 27, it is Cartoonapalooza at the Philadelphia Public Library.

Initial numbers of around 50 cartoonists have now grown to 75! As the above promo says: newspaper comic creators, magazine and editorial cartoonists, comic book artists, illustrators and animators, webcomic creators, gagmen  and women, writers, and others will be delighting fans of all ages and interests.

A few who have announced that they will be at Cartoonapalooza are: Reuben Award nominee Mark (Lio) Tatulli, Philadelphia NCS Chapter President Dave (Loose Parts) Blazek, Charles (Fuzzy Princess) Brubaker, Carolyn (Curls) Belefski, Peter (Heathcliff) Gallagher, and master caricaturist Ed Steckley, and. of course, dozens more.

To quote John Lennon (an artist In His Own Write):
Having been some days in preparation
A splendid time is guaranteed for all!