Signe Wilkinson Reflects on Career

No, no, no – Signe Wilkinson is not retiring.
But that was my first thought when I saw the headline

Pulitzer Prize winner, ex-Hiller, reflects on career

with a Signe self-caricature attached to the article.

The lead didn’t ease my fears:

Famed Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer political cartoonist Signe Wilkinson was the first female political cartoonist to receive the Pulitzer Prize, which was awarded in 1992. These days, though, Wilkinson is more interested in learning how to navigate her 9-month-old granddaughter’s SUV-sized stroller along Philly’s none-too-even sidewalks.

The story ends with

These days, Wilkinson has cut back from illustrating six cartoons to four in order to spend more time with her family and to pursue personal projects, like learning to paint watercolors.

Inbetween is a nice (once those initial jitters subside) interview/profile of Signe Wilkinson about her career so far.