Possible ‘B.C.’ Animated Feature for 2021

As reported by Animation Magazine:

Parallax Media Ventures is developing a new animated feature based on John Hart’s classic comic series B.C. The feature, titled B.C.: Back to Civilization, will be eyeing an early 2021 release date.

Above: presentation artwork for the project.

“Today, Johnny Hart’s grandsons Mason and Mick are the wizards behind the daily comic strip,” said Patti Hart of John Hart Studios. “Using their grandfather’s playbook, they take inspiration from trends, headlines, and the politics du-jour and spin them into timeless commentaries and general silliness. We are super excited about seeing B.C. continue its journey onto the big screen. It’s been a great pleasure working with Parallax Media Ventures. Kevin has put together an amazing team and their level of professionalism continues to impress us.”

Not sure but, at the bottom of that pre-production art above, it looks like