Daddy Daze by John Kovaleski – new comic strip from King Features

On Sunday June 17, 2018 (Father’s Day) Daddy Daze by John Kovaleski will appear as a syndicated comic strip from King Features.

John Kovaleski was the creator of Bo Nanas, a syndicated comic strip that ran from 2003 – 2007.

Eight years ago Kovaleski helped create a human being. That, in turn, inspired him to create a comic strip about being a new father. From his introduction of the resulting webcomic:

I call it Dadding Badly not because I think I am a bad dad, but because of that constant concern that one is not being a good enough parent. And when you’ve never done this before, that worry is multiplied by some very, very large number.

Everything that happens in the comic is true. Some of them will be funny, some will be thoughtful, some might even be sad.

I also decided to use a looser, sketcher technique for this project. This was to re-energize myself in relation to my work. And, in hindsight, its frantic style is a pretty good representation of parenting.

That originally ran weekly from February 22, 2011 to January 24, 2012 as best as I can determine.

Four years later he would return to Dadding Badly this time placing it on GoComics. There it ran weekly from January 25, 2016 to April 17, 2017 (again, as best as I can determine). Though those strips have been taken down some can still be read with the help of the Wayback Machine:*/

Then in the Fall of 2017 Kovaleski started teasing the return of the strip on his blog. It was there, on April 27, 2018 he announced that Dadding Badly had now become Daddy Daze. Then, on May 2, he informed fans that it would be a newspaper comic strip.

Over the course of the seven years since it first appeared the art style has, of course, evolved. The original “looser, sketcher technique” looks to be tightened up a bit (probably for better reproduction in newspapers), but still retains a freewheeling eye-catching style.

On his Twitter feed Kovaleski announced the the strip will be offered by King Features Syndicate.

8 thoughts on “Daddy Daze by John Kovaleski – new comic strip from King Features

  1. Been a fan of Kovaleski since the “Bo Nanas” days, and I read “Dadding Badly” when it was on GoComics. Can’t wait to see the relaunch from King Features!

  2. I hope his DADDY DAZE is funnier that his DADDING BADLY.
    Forget the childish artwork. It’s gotta be a lot funnier for anyone to read it.
    Sorry, but good luck to Mr. Kovaleski.

  3. I hope the new Daily Cartoonist will consider filtering anonymous comments like the one above from “Bob.” If you’re going to be critical on a subject, at least verify your identity.

  4. We loved having Daddy Daze on GoComics and wish JK the best of luck. No J/K-ing.

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