Jeff Corriveau’s Deflocked decamps

A couple weeks ago I noticed that Jeff Corriveau’s Deflocked suddenly had a page on the Andrews McMeel site.

But Deflocked is a King Features strip. What’s up? Reaching out to creator Corriveau he was kind enough to reply, and confirms he is indeed switching syndicates.

Deflocked by Jeff Corriveau debuted May 5, 2008 at KFS. As Jeff tells me, “I had 10 good years with King”, but thought it was time for a change. He continues:

I’m really excited about DeFlocked’s future.
I have a very dedicated fan base, and I’ve been
lucky to count some big personalities as fans
of the strip – from Larry David to Thomas Kincaid.

This comic strip will make you feel so good about
your own life, you’ll wish you never made that
decision to finish school.

Mamet is someone you know.
He embodies all the traits that we disapprove of in people
… but love to laugh at.

Corriveau notes that Andrews McMeel was severely lacking in the Cranky Sheep Comic department and is happy to fill that need.

The Deflocked syndicate switch begins Sunday May 6, 2018.

2 thoughts on “Jeff Corriveau’s Deflocked decamps

  1. Deflocked is amazing!!!

    I hope the switch to GoComics means bigger and better things for Jeff. I have such great expectations for the direction GoComics appears to be heading in. honestly, there are so many unique avenues popping up.. and a few old roads being re-paved… that there is no stopping cartoonists from creating and from GoComics from growing well beyond their current physical state.

    Davy Jones
    creator of
    Charmy’s Army

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