The ‘New’ Daily Cartoonist

Welcome, cartoon friends! We’re “soft launching” the “new” Daily Cartoonist this week. The site is now owned and operated by my colleagues here in Kansas City (Mo.) at Andrews McMeel.

Our plan is to restart/continue the great cartoon news site that Alan Gardner built. Alan has been a great help in the transition and we’re thankful for his counsel and goodwill.

As to how the site will run on a day-to-day basis: staffers here at Andrews McMeel will do the occasional post, but we’ve signed the prolific comics news junkie D.D. Degg to serve as our main news/piece contributor.

Future TDC plans include a site redesign, long-winded Q&As with sassy puppets and the occasional dance off. Thanks for coming by and let us know if you have any feedback. Best -JG

31 thoughts on “The ‘New’ Daily Cartoonist

  1. D.D. is a great choice! I’m looking forward to this relaunch. I had been wondering when I got a couple of test messages last week. I hope the email feature is retained.

  2. All right! Much needed.

    I hope Alan will still be able to contribute once in a while!

  3. Nice!! Still have the old bookmark on my favourites page. Still have dirty laundry to wash, but this just shows that good things come to those who don’t clean.

  4. Wait? What? Just kidding. I’m excited to see news flowing once again on The Daily Cartoonist. Much thanks to John Glynn for breathing new life into her. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

  5. Great news! I was wondering if you’d ever bring it back, Alan, and now here you are.

  6. I couldn’t be happier! DD, your rock-solid commitment to researching and reporting comics news is a source of constant wonder to me. I’m thrilled to get the benefit of your tireless work ethic here at The Daily Cartoonist.

  7. This is great news! And DDD is the perfect lead contributor! Will you pick up using TDC’s Twitter feed as well? Looking forward to watching the exciting developments!

  8. I am delighted to see so many cartoonists and historians
    and comic fans already chiming in here, and humbled
    that a few even recognize my name.

    Starting out I have two goals:
    To spread the comic news
    to do it in such a fashion that should Mr. Gardner
    come in out of The Great Outdoors and read a post
    of mine he will be neither ashamed nor embarrassed
    by what I have put on the site he created.

    I hope to remain completely neutral in the posts themselves, but may get opinionated in the comments section.

    Reed: It wasn’t the first, but I did get
    Olivia among the initial five posts.

    Ted: Behave! Or at least let me get a bit
    more comfortable with my new gig before you
    start attacking me and my aggregating skills
    and choices ( ; p

  9. DD – You should know when Glynn told me you would be at the helm, it made the decision to sell the blog much easier. Don’t worry about me. The ship is yours.

    And since I’m no longer the editor, I’m feeling more free to get into the comments and tell the world how I really feel. But I’ll let you settle in before I respond to the Ted Rall #FakeNews ?

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