Bob Englehart takes buy-out

Bob Englehart, who has been at the Hartford current for newrly 35 years, has announced he’s taken a buyout and his last catoon will run on Thanksgiving Day.

He post the following on Facebook.

The rumors are true. I?m taking the buyout from the Hartford Courant. I?ve read the tea leaves and consulted smarter people than I inside and outside the company. The stars have aligned and it?s time to go. However, I?m not retiring from drawing editorial cartoons, although I will be taking a brief hiatus. My cartoons will resume Monday, Jan. 4 on my website, my syndicate?s website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, I will continue to draw ?STUCK?, my occasionally recurring comic strip for smart phones and will be writing on social media during my short break. My last day at The Courant will be Nov. 25, and my last cartoon will run Thanksgiving Day, a most appropriate day for how I feel toward my readers and The Hartford Courant. After almost 35 years (Dec. 15) I can?t say it wasn?t a fine career.

Congratulations, Bob, on a long and successful career.

One thought on “Bob Englehart takes buy-out

  1. Bobby, When you were working in Dayton, You were the with the morning paper and I was with the afternoon paper. I can’t tell you how many times I would finish my cartoon the day before then would wake up the next day and open your paper and see your cartoon and would say $#!)!!! and then race down to the paper in the morning and try to do a better cartoon because the cartoon I drew the day before sucked compared to yours. You are the best my friend. Keep the coming.

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