Hilary Price provides a densely packed post on cool cartooning stuff

Hilary Price sends out a “charming yet infrequent” newsletter with an assortment of things related to her comic Rhymes With Orange. Her last one is packed with really cool tidbits, so I hope you click through and give it a full read.

Here’s a summary of her post.

  • She, and other artists in her studio, open their doors each year to the public. If you’re in the Florence, MA area, this will happen November 14-15.
  • CBS Sunday Morning Show will be doing a segment on the 100th anniversary of comics on November 15. She might appear in that segment along with other cartoonists.
  • November 15 is also the date King Features is providing a comic insert for newspapers (see my earlier post). Bizarro creator Dan Piraro drew what I’m assuming is the introduction to the insert.
  • Hilary recounts, in Peanuts comic form, her experience meeting Charles Schulz (see image at the bottom of this post).
  • Photos of her visit to Roz Chast exhibit at The Norman Rockwell Museum.

While you’re on her website, sign up for her charming yet infrequent newsletter.

Here’s a peak at her tribute to Sparky mentioned above. Click through to read the whole thing.
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