The Daily Cartoonist turns 10 years old

Last week The Daily Cartoonist hit the 10 year mark. I started the blog as an experiment in 2005 to better understand what was going on in the comic industry. I didn’t expect the blog to take off as quickly or become as popular as it did. At the height of its popularity it was reaching about 2,000 unique visitors a day. Not too shabby for a hobby blog.

That said, I am very cognizant that I’m limping into my second decade. Blog posts are infrequent and few these days. I haven’t yet been able to articulate what or where I will take the blog in the future, but I’m sure I won’t be retiring from it anytime soon. I appreciate your patience as I figure out the next steps.

The blog has opened the door to many friendships, both virtually and in person. Cartoonists in general are a very friendly sort and you all have been very welcoming and supportive. If you’ve been a long-time, or even a less than long-time reader, thank you! It’s been a fun ride these last 10 years. I have enjoyed it immensely.


27 thoughts on “The Daily Cartoonist turns 10 years old

  1. I’ve really enjoyed receiving your updates in my email. Always good information and always interesting! It’s easy to see why your blog is so popular.
    Thank you for the updates and articles. I look forward to many years to come.
    Oh- and CONGRATULATIONS on 10 YEARS!!!!

  2. Big Congrats, Alan! A morning ritual for me, too! Somehow the news you choose is always the most interesting and the most ‘need-to-know’. Thanks for your hard work and great editing!

  3. As the previous comments suggest, Alan, your blog has many appreciative readers, even if most of us don’t take time to post responses. Don’t drive yourself crazy, though; maintain whatever pace you can comfortably sustain. Your dispatches will always be received with gratitude.

  4. Alan,
    Echoing all the other comments, congratulations on your 10th Anniversary of your great Blog! I sure hope it continues for a long time to come.

  5. Thanks, Alan. It’s an informative and fun site. I enjoy the back-and-forth with the many liberal cartoonists on this blog.

  6. Alan, as you know most cartoonist are like the monastic scribes writing alone in their monasteries every once in awhile taking a sip of coffee and looking out the window at the world. The daily cartoonist is our window. Thank you Alan

  7. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Also, do you have any information on the fate of “Apartment 3G?” It’s had artistic issues recently and I’ve seen reports that it will be cancelled in 2 weeks.

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