Review: Are Apple’s new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil artist ready?


Tom May, associate editor at Creative Bloq, reviews Apple’s newly announced Pro tablet iPad Pro along with the new stylus Apple Pencil.

Having dropped the ball so much in the film-making arena (bad-mouthing Final Cut Pro seems to have become a professional sport within the movie industry), we weren’t sure could ever get back into the pro zone after so many years focusing on the mass consumer market.

Trying out Adobe’s drawing apps using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, however, has melted our scepticism. Based on this (admittedly brief) experience, Apple truly seem to have made a better stylus, and Adobe truly seem to have provided the software that can keep up with it.

I’m going to wait and see. First, I’ll let someone else take the $800 hit if it isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be and secondly, I just upgraded to an iPad 4 Air.