Podcast: Episode 213 ? Carlos Gomez Nerd Roundtable

Tom Racine’s latest Tall Tale Radio podcast episode is now available. Head over to Tall Tale Radio and give it a listen. In this episode:

Episode 213 – Carlos Gomez Nerd Roundtable

Carlos Gomez of the comic “Robots N’ Aliens” joins us once again, having helped out the great Irma Eriksson with her recent Indiegogo by buying a slot to have a roundtable discussion here on Tall Tale Radio!  So, we pulled out all the stops for a true KNIGHTS OF THE NERDTABLE discussion, featuring:

Tom Racine! Your humble host!

Lucas Turnbloom! “Imagine This” and “Dream Jumper” graphic novelist!

Justin Thompson! “Mythtickle!”

Carlos Gomez! “Robots N’ Aliens!”

And all the way from Sweden, Irma Eriksson of “Imy,” celebrating the printing of her SIXTH book, “Imy 6.0!” available very soon RIGHT HERE!

Join us for over an hour’s worth of fun conversation about the artistic process, comics, movies, and general hilarity!  Lucas and Irma were right in the studio with me, and I adore the energy having live guests in the room brings!  Fun stuff!