Podcast: Episode 230 ? Ronell Whitaker and Eric Kallenborn

Tom Racine’s latest Tall Tale Radio podcast episode is now available. Head over to Tall Tale Radio and give it a listen. In this episode:

Episode 230 – Ronell Whitaker and Eric Kallenborn

Graphic Novels and comics are finally coming out of the ridiculous shadow cast by Werthan’s inflammatory “Seduction of the Innocent (1954),” and into the classrooms!  I hosted a panel at SDCC 2015 on Comics in the Classroom where I met the most excellent Ronell Whitaker and Eric Kallenborn, who are basically the teachers we all wish we’d had in high school!  We have a great talk from the teacher’s point of view about the power of comics in the classroom, how they inspired kids of all reading levels, and practical advice about how other teachers can start integrating them into their curriculum.

Here’s Ronell’s site, and you can follow him on twitter right here!

Here’s Eric’s site…and here’s his twitter account.   Both men are very active on the internet, and have started appearing at Cons all over to spread the good word.

Here’s a list of other cool sites that have fantastic resources for teachers, with book lists and lesson plans.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Comics in the Classroom

Reading With Pictures

Diamond Bookshelf

School Library Journal