Atena Farghadani facing new charges of adultery for shaking her attorney’s hand

From The Independent:

Amnesty International reports that Atena Farghadani, 29, who was jailed after she depicted Iranian government officials as monkeys and goats in a satirical cartoon, may face a longer sentence amid claims over the handshake.

Charges of an ?illegitimate sexual relationship short of adultery? have been brought against Farghadani and her lawyer Mohammad Moghimi amid allegations he visited her in jail and shook her hand – which is illegal in Iran.

6 thoughts on “Atena Farghadani facing new charges of adultery for shaking her attorney’s hand

  1. This stuff makes me really appreciate home. (USA) No matter how dysfunctional we may be, at least we can make fun of ourselves without fear of reprisals in the manner,

  2. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny, you cannot make this stuff up…how f*#@ed up can this culture get???

  3. “Plus, even more scandalous, she was breathing AIR that men had breathed PREVIOUSLY!!”

    So many countries run by madmen… All with far madder men waiting in the wings… Which means they can’t be fixed by invasion or assassination or any kind of overt invasion…

  4. I received a slight wake-up call about four years ago. I was three years into drawing local editorial cartoons for hometown paper when I received an email from another local fellow who had recently arrived from China. He was asking for copies of some of my cartoons that were critical of the Mayor. He wanted to try sending them to his friends/family back in China to show them ( because they apparently didn’t believe him) that in this country, one could make fun of the leaders and not be jailed or worse.

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