Podcast: Episode 227 ? Suzie Plakson

Tom Racine’s latest Tall Tale Radio podcast episode is now available. Head over to Tall Tale Radio and give it a listen. In this episode:

Episode 227 – Suzie Plakson

Actress, writer, sculptor, singer, 4-time “Star Trek” alien…Suzie Plakson is a creative force to be reckoned with.  We have a great chat about creativity in general, but more specifically, about her work as a Creativity Consultant, helping people overcome their blocks/fears/obstacles/themselves as they create their work.  I can’t express enough how empathic and supportive Suzie is, stemming from her long time experience in acting, teaching and a very impactful stint at a suicide hotline.

If you want to know more, go to www.suzieplakson.com and check it out!  You can also find out more on her Facebook Page right here!

Suzie was also on Tall Tale Radio Episode 151 back in 2012 where we talk about her “Star Trek” experiences and her amazing audiobook project, “King Lillian.“  Check it out!

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