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You, yes you, can influence what comics people in San Diego read in their newspaper

The San Diego Union-Tribune has kicked off a comic poll. Yes, the bane of every cartoonist’s existence wherein a newspaper editor (who may or may not have a sense of humor or appreciate for comics) kicks the responsibilities of determining what should appear in their newspaper to most 65 year-olds (who may or may not have a sense of humor or appreciate for comics other than what they liked in 1937. Yes, I know my math is off there but I exaggerate to make a point).

So the Union-Tribune is inviting everyone on the internet to vote for their favorite (and least favorite) comic.

Everyone loves comic strips, including us! We at the U-T would like to know which comics are YOUR favorites. The following pages show all of the comic strips from our daily comics section only, so don’t worry if your favorite Sunday comic is not shown. Please help us to discover what the most popular weekday comics are by selecting the ones you read the most, and then the ones you don’t even bother reading at all. Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief but important survey.

So… if they’re going to open it up to the whole internets, I say we flood them with votes. Spread this around. Swamp their servers. Vote for your actual favorites, vote for the ones you least like. But vote, dammit! You know what they say, “a vote not cast is a vote not… cast.”

Vote here!!

Community Comments

#1 Khalil Ayoub
@ 3:26 am

Why always a “least favorite” survey? There are strips I don’t care about, but they’re easy enough to skip – surely no one feels obligated to read every single one. None of them (with a very few exceptions) rile me up to the point that I don’t want them published. And those that are nominated for that dishonor are usually the ones that have a devoted following, but are not liked by a select demographic.

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