AAEC posts schedule for convention in Columbus Ohio

Nate Beeler, the host of this year’s AAEC convention in Columbus, OH, has revealed some of the weekend’s plans. Attendees will hear from Mike Peters, Steve Brodner, Jules Feiffer, Liza Donnelly, Michael Kahn and Richard West. Topics will include Charlie Hebdo, free speech, Puck and of course being hosted in the hometown of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, attendees will get a special tour and peek at the largest collection of cartoon art on the planet.

The convention begins Sept 3 and runs through Sunday, Sept 6. If you’re an AAEC member, head over to the AAEC website to register and read more about lodging and transportation. If you’re not a member, you can still register and attend. Some of the events will be open to the public.