The Cartoon Art Museum extends lease through September

Last month the Cartoon Art Museum announced that they were losing their current space on Mission street due to higher lease rates in the Bay Area. They’ve now announced that they’ve been able to extend their current lease until September 2015.

From their press release:

In light of the booming commercial rental market, the museum?s situation is similar to many other businesses that have been priced out of their spaces. However, CAM?s tenancy and relationship with the landlord has been not only amicable, they have been one of the largest donors to the museum since it moved into the location at the end of 2001. Bernheim noted, “Coast Counties Property Management is a family run business that takes a genuine interest in our tenants. Over the years, we have contributed significant monetary support to the Cartoon Art Museum as well as our other valued tenants.”

?I was really touched when Cappa and Graham came to me with the offer to help extend our current term in our location, even just for a few months. For all of the businesses that feel like the economy and the landlords have been pricing us out, it was heartwarming to hear that Matt and Brad were willing to support us,? remarked Kashar.