Profiled: Stephan Pastis in Economic Times

Stephan Pastis was in England last week promoting his latest Timmy Failure book. He had a couple of interviews that hit the wire. The Economic Times focused on his career.

Curiosity and courage

In this volatile environment, what does it take to be a cartoonist? “Curiosity and courage. Curiosity because you are only as good as what goes into you. If you are boring, it is going to reflect in your strip. Courage ? to do the comic strip that you want to do,” he says. This mantra seems to be working, with Pastis’s career flourishing, be it in comic strips or children’s books. “You’ve got to love what you do. Then it won’t feel like work. It will make you ambitious and aggressive. If you are lukewarm about your work, you are going to quit earlier.”.

The Pardaphash focused on his admiration for Indian actress Kareena Kapoor, whom he described as “the world?s most beautiful woman.” Maybe we’ll see a few more strips in the future of Stephan sleeping on the couch.

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  1. I found Stephan’s comments about India quite interesting. I’ve had the same experience with fans from that part of the world. Maybe they are just better at writing fan letters?

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