Newsweek: Cartoonists are particularly vulnerable to threats…

From Newsweek:

Cartoonists are ?particularly vulnerable? to threats because their work conveys ?incredibly complex ideas and themes and critiques in a pretty simple, easy to understand manner that crosses barriers,? said Courtney Radsch, advocacy director of CPJ. ?That?s what makes the cartoons powerful but also what puts the cartoonists at great risk…. They are pushing those red lines and criticizing authority figures.?

2 thoughts on “Newsweek: Cartoonists are particularly vulnerable to threats…

  1. Alan, thanks for pointing to this Newsweek article on what Flemming Rose, the editor of the Danish newspaper that printed the Muhammad cartoons back in 2005, appropriately calls “The Cartoon Crisis.” There’s a link next to the Newsweek piece to Rose’s article on his experiences since 2005. It’s long but eventually reaches the proper conclusion. Here’s a quote of that conclusion:

    “Well-meaning people in the West claim that democracies can and should sacrifice a little free speech in the name of social harmony…

    That is one of the main reasons I continue to defend our right to publish the Muhammad cartoons. If I relinquish that right, I also indirectly accept the right of authoritarian regimes and totalitarian movements to limit free speech on grounds of violation of religion and religious senti-ments.

    I find that unacceptable.”

  2. “…sacrifice a little free speech in the name of social harmony?”

    I find that absolutely unacceptable!!

    Thanks very much for sharing this, Alan!

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