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Charlie Hebdo editors makes a fundamental difference between Charlie Hebdo and Garland shooting

Charlie Hebdo editor-in-chief Gérard Briard was asked what was the difference between his magazine and Pamela Geller’s group in Texas that held the Draw Muhammad event.

?The thing is,? he answered, ?when we make a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad, or Jesus, or Moses, we don?t mock or attack people. We mock or attack institutions. Representatives. Powers. And, again, political powers.? He also pointed out that of Charlie Hebdo?s many, many covers, very few were about prophets. Most were about the right wing of French politics.

The fundamental difference, he said, is that Charlie Hebdo doesn?t want to extinguish Islam. Meanwhile, Geller, he said, ?wakes every morning and thinks, ?How can I defy these people??? Giard?s morning thoughts, he said, are more on the order of: ?Where?s my coffee??

Community Comments

#1 Mark Juhl
@ 4:34 pm

Gotta call B.S. on Mr. Briard. You can’t mock,ridicule or attack a religion, religious belief/practice or religious icon and claim that doesn’t extend to it’s believers/supporters.
Hey, I think you’re prophet is full of sh%$ but I’m not criticizing anyone who believes in him and bases every facet of their lives on his teachings.
Give me a break.

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