Russian bookstores remove “Maus” in advance of Victory Day

From The New York Times:

The government?s plan was simple enough: Rid Moscow of swastikas or any other symbol of Nazism before Victory Day, the celebration of the Soviet Union?s defeat of Germany and the most important political holiday in Russia.

But in the frenzy to comply, bookstores aiming to please the censor found an unlikely victim: ?Maus,? the Pulitzer-Prize winning graphic novel about a Jewish family during the Holocaust. Muscovites discovered this week that the book, which bears a swastika on its cover, had been quietly stripped from the shelves of the largest bookstores across the Russian capital.

Maus was written and drawn by Art Spiegelman, who was honored with a Pulitzer in 1992 for his work.

It feels like the era of free speech and thought is rapidly closing around the world.