Garry Trudeau interviewed on Meet the Press to talk Charlie Hebdo, Alpha House, Doonesbury

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Doonesbury and Alpha House creator Garry Trudeau was featured on yesterday’s Meet the Press to discuss his comments made regarding the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. Garry’s speech has been interpreted as opining that the French cartoonists brought the terrorist attack upon themselves because they didn’t censor themselves when it comes to Islam.

Garry and NBC’s Chuck Todd also discuss Garry’s TV show Alpha House.

Here’s the full video:

5 thoughts on “Garry Trudeau interviewed on Meet the Press to talk Charlie Hebdo, Alpha House, Doonesbury

  1. ?Oh, not at all. Perhaps I should have made it a little clearer that I was as outraged as the rest of the world at the time.?

    You’re doing great Garry.

    ?What I didn?t do was agree with the decisions they made that brought a world of pain to France,? Trudeau said.

    I’m sorry but that’s just plain contradictory. He blamed the victims initially, denied blaming them and then blames them. If CharlieHebdo were pitches he’s be hitting .667. (and that would be leading major league baseball)

    That NBC found time to let Mr T. clear this up is curious and telling and while I’m no Chuck Todd I’m pretty sure I know a double down when I hear one. But why didn’t NBC chief news poobah CTodd hear it? Curious.

    Bottom-line: to blame anybody other than islamic barbarians for the “world of pain brought to France” is cruel to men who ply the trade that made Mr.T famous and wealthy and willfully ignorant to the freedoms which any American cartoonist enjoys. It’s free speech or it’s not.

  2. Before I’m accused of bashing Mr. T I assure you I’m not. He’s an icon. I’m a working cartoonist, a fan and guys like me depend on guys like him to defend free speech when the Chuck Todd’s ask.

  3. I am also a huge fan. Trudeau inspired the high school me to draw cartoons and caricatures just like Shultz inspired the grade school me…

    But either speech is FREE or it is not. Hate Speech? Puerile parsing. Infantile. Irrational. And therefore “collegiate.”

    He gives an apologetic sounding NON apology – and he is WRONG.

    They made a FREE SPEECH decision.
    WHO brought a world of pain? The TERRORISTS.
    WHO blamed the cartoonists? TRUDEAU. TWICE.

    BuuuuuuUUuuuut he also blamed the terrorists. So that makes blaming the cartoonists OK? And what is this “punching down” foolishness – sure, bad guys live among good guys who are poor and powerless, and criticizing one seems critical of the other, but either you punch or you don’t. And hasn’t Trudeau made a fine career from punching non-stop, up, down and sideways, using the guaranteed right to free speech enjoyed by every American…?

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