Daryl Cagle on free speech, cartooning, Garry Trudeau

Bob Andelman (AKA Mr. Media) talks with editorial cartoonist Daryl Cagle on a variety of topics including the boundaries of free speech, the speech given by Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau.

trudeau-column-cartoon © Daryl Cagle

5 thoughts on “Daryl Cagle on free speech, cartooning, Garry Trudeau

  1. A cartoonist running down other cartoonists for their opinion – just because it differs from their own – is just bad judgement.

  2. As if Cagle’s opinion even matters. Perhaps it made him feel important to add his two cents. I can understand why you posted the interview, Alan, but why include Cagle’s small-minded cartoon?

    What’s that site that appeared a few years ago… BadCartoonist.com or something? I thought The Daily Cartoonist was a news site or is it a hub for cartoonists to vent their envy (?) at the work or opinions of other cartoonists.

  3. Uh… It’s called POLITICAL cartooning. You know, opinions. About stuff that people say and do…

    Did you guys REALLY just criticize a political cartoonist for expressing an opinion?

    You may as well criticize a Quarterback for throwing a football…

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