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Daryl Cagle on free speech, cartooning, Garry Trudeau

Bob Andelman (AKA Mr. Media) talks with editorial cartoonist Daryl Cagle on a variety of topics including the boundaries of free speech, the speech given by Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau.

trudeau-column-cartoon © Daryl Cagle

Community Comments

#1 robert ariail
@ 5:03 pm

Well done, Daryl!

#2 Joel Tieg
@ 12:29 pm

Thumbs down.

#3 Willy Emerick
@ 7:29 am

A cartoonist running down other cartoonists for their opinion – just because it differs from their own – is just bad judgement.

#4 Joel Tieg
@ 11:02 am

As if Cagle’s opinion even matters. Perhaps it made him feel important to add his two cents. I can understand why you posted the interview, Alan, but why include Cagle’s small-minded cartoon?

What’s that site that appeared a few years ago… or something? I thought The Daily Cartoonist was a news site or is it a hub for cartoonists to vent their envy (?) at the work or opinions of other cartoonists.

#5 Dave Stephens
@ 1:37 am

Uh… It’s called POLITICAL cartooning. You know, opinions. About stuff that people say and do…

Did you guys REALLY just criticize a political cartoonist for expressing an opinion?

You may as well criticize a Quarterback for throwing a football…

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