Brian Fies’ “Mom’s Cancer” returns to the web


Brian Fies has announced that his graphic novel, Mom’s Cancer is returning to the web where it started. Starting next Monday, the comic will be hosted on GoComics.

Mom’s Cancer started as a free webcomic, on a primitive site I hosted myself. When I signed my book contract with Abrams, they quite reasonably asked me to take it down so my free version wouldn’t compete with something they were going to ask people to pay for. I was happy to do that.

Time passed. Except for a few perennial sellers, the life of a book has an ebb and flow. If you’re lucky, there’s a small flurry of reviews and events when the book comes out (if you’re not lucky, it’s just another raindrop in the lake that nobody notices). It stays on the bookstore shelves a while, then it’s pulled from the shelves to make room for new books.

Brian was awarded an Eisner and a Harvey Award for this book. While I’ve seen sample pages of it. I’m excited to see that it will be widely available on GoComics. Brian is also currently running an excellent webcomic “The Last Mechanical Monster” that is well worth checking out if you aren’t yet following it.

One thought on “Brian Fies’ “Mom’s Cancer” returns to the web

  1. Thanks a lot, Alan. I’m very excited to see my family’s story get a little jolt of new life and a chance at finding some new readers. It began online and I’m thrilled to have it back there.

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