Stacy Curtis loses sight from stroke; Pig and Banjo drawings fill Facebook wall

With permission, I’m passing along information about our good friend and great cartoonist/illustrator Stacy Curtis. Last Tuesday, Stacy, through his wife, posted news that he had just spent six days in the hospital after suffering a stroke. While he has since gained “pretty much everything back”, his vision has been lost. Since then, he tells me his vision hasn’t improved but this week he begins physical therapy with a neuro ophthalmologist and expects improvements going forward. The prognosis is a full recover, he tells me.

If you know Stacy, you probably are aware of the Dueling Banjo Pigs blog that he started with friend and illustrator Guy Francis. Since Stacy’s announcement about the stroke, artists everywhere have been posting drawings of Pigs and Banjos on his wall in a show of support, love and well wishing. The first one was posted by The Norm creator Michael Jantze.

With permission of the artists (in alphabetical order – except Michael who kicked this off and has contributed three pieces), I’m posting their drawings to Stacy here.

Michael Jantze

Michael Jantze

Michael Jantze

Randy Bish

Daniel Boris

Mike Cope

Guy Fancis

Norm Feuti

Alan Gardner

Ed Hall

Cedric Johnstadt

Clay Jones

Jeff Knurek

Don Landgren

Rick McKee

Mark Parisi

Jeff Parker

Tom Racine

Patricia Storms

Lucas Turnbloom

I speak for a lot of artists in our community who are not only wishing Stacy a full and speedy recovery, but also our best for his wife Jann and daughter who are also affected by this unfortunate turn of events. Stay strong. We’re rooting for you all.

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  1. I suffered a stroke at a fairly young age and was not expected to survive. That was over10 years ago so I hope you’re able to stay strong and never lose sight of your goal. After all, it was artists like you whose daily comics kept my spirits up during the hard times. All I have to offer you is thoughts and prayers so please hang in there and take care.

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