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Bill Day hired as full-time cartoonist in Florida

Daryl Cagle announced that former Memphis Commercial-Appeal and the Detroit Free-Press editorial cartoonist Bill Day has taken a full-time position with the Florida web site

Daryl writes:

I was please to learn that my talented, cartoonist buddy, Bill Day, just got a full time job as an editorial cartoonist for New jobs for editorial cartoonists are rare these days, and full time jobs with Web site firms are even more rare, so this is great to see!Kudos to Peter Schorsch of for being a brave trendsetter who sees the need and value of having a staff cartoonist and local cartoons. Bill will be drawing about Florida issues, at least five cartoons a week, in addition to illustrations for the site.

Community Comments

#1 Crowden Satz
@ 9:50 am

Wonderful to hear!

#2 Paul Fell
@ 10:16 am

Good for you, Bill!

#3 Bob Harvey
@ 4:20 pm

Excellent news. Best wishes, Bill. I hope to see your stuff more often now.

#4 Joe Groshek
@ 9:49 am

Congrats Bill! That’s great news!

#5 Steve Artley
@ 3:01 am

An editorial cartoonist getting hired for a full-time staff position. Now, that IS news… good news. Congratulations, Bill.

#6 Pat Rice
@ 3:11 pm

Congrats, Bill. That is awesome. Go Gators! (Cheap plug from a fellow former Independent Florida Alligator cartoonist).

#7 jacqueline robison
@ 5:47 pm

I have a question about the Foxy cartoon on Friday 1/29/2016.
I don’t know what or who it is about. Please explain.
Thank you.

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