Denmark debates whether to put Muhammad cartoons in textbooks

From the Washington Post:

Yet the debate about whether to publish depictions of Muhammad ? a practice generally prohibited in Islam and violently opposed by extremists ? hasn’t disappeared following the horrific events of the past few months. And now, a Danish proposal would push the debate far further than before ? by putting cartoons of Muhammad in school textbooks.

Any guesses how this will end if they do publish the cartoons?

10 thoughts on “Denmark debates whether to put Muhammad cartoons in textbooks

  1. “guesses”? I think you can bet your house how this will end.
    The “religion of peace” has successfully trained the west to self-censor . Let Iran get the bomb and “guess” what happens?

  2. I’d say it’s a good idea, as long as they also show cartoons that were drawn in order to deliberately offend Christians and Jews, and contrast how the extremists among those religions responded.

    It might also be instructive to debate how the anti-Semitic cartoons of der Sturmer may have influenced Germany’s future actions and to speculate on whether a violent response would have changed, or merely hastened, what followed.

    I’d be interested in seeing how the kids fashioned that debate in terms of how the extremist’s violent response to these cartoons has encouraged and reinforced the ignorant, hostile bigotry of people towards Islam and encouraged them to say in public things that would otherwise be considered disgraceful.

  3. Speaking of “self-censor,” here’s a quote from an article on this issue.

    “Will publishing the images in school textbooks help children understand the issue? Some have their doubts ? Claus Hjortdal of Denmark’s Headmaster Association told the BBC that publishing the images while knowing they will offend amounts to bullying. “One can easily talk about it without showing the images,” Hjortdal explained.”

    Seems self-censoring is still alive and well in the West. Violence works. The Islamic nutjobs win. Just as they won when Yale published a book about the cartoons several years back and DIDN”T INCLUDE THE CARTOONS. A shameful capitulation to the Islamic fanatics.

    When will we stop this nonsense? The way to deal with this issue is to publish cartoons mocking Muhammad anywhere, everywhere and often as Charlie Hebdo did and is still doing. Sure, there’s a risk some guy will knock on your door and stick a shiv in your gut. But that risk is greatly diminished when Muhammad cartoons are being drawn and published all over the place.

    Publishing these cartoons in Danish schoolbooks would underline the fact that we will not compromise our Western values in order to avoid being called “bullies,” “infidels,” “offenders,” “rude Neanderthals,” or whatever other term one can think of. The very heart of satirical cartooning is to be bullying, irreverent, offensive and rude. Would we here in good ol’ America – the citadel of free speech – have the courage to publish these cartoons in our schoolbooks? I wonder.

  4. @carl moore

    In which hand were you waving your little American flag when you wrote your citadel-of-free-speech diatribe?

  5. @Carl Moore:
    Couldn’t agree more. If these religious fascists don’t like Mohammad cartoons, they don’t need to buy Charlie Hebdo and other magazines.

  6. And if black people don’t like cross-burnings, they don’t have to go to them. And if there’s one in their front yard, they should just close the curtains.

  7. I’ve held the opinion that if any “faith” can feel threatened by no more than an offensive cartoon, It’s not really “faith” at all.

  8. @Mike Peterson

    “And if black people don?t like cross-burnings, they don?t have to go to them. And if there?s one in their front yard, they should just close the curtains.”

    Should be:

    And if black people don?t like PICTURES of cross-burnings, they don?t have to SEE them. And if there?s A PICTURE OF ONE in their hometown newspaper, they should just TURN THE PAGE.

  9. @Mike Peterson
    ???and if you don?t like your KKK flier, just throw it in the trash.

    March/ 2015. AUBURN, AL (WTVM) – Many Auburn residents received and complained to police about an unwelcome message in their driveways and yards ? fliers presumably from the Ku Klux Klan.

    Residents in the east Auburn area received the message from a group identifying themselves as the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The message reads, in part:

    The Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a pro-White, Christian organization. We are dedicated to preserving our race, our heritage, and our American way of life. We are NOT a “hate group,” and we do NOT affiliate with neo-Nazis. We are just White men and women who unapologetically stand up for White people. We are seeking intelligent, awake, aware, Christian, White people to join us. We honor God, Klan, family, and the U.S. Constitution. If you are aware that our civil liberties, our Christian religion, our constitution and our American way of life are under constant attack from the onslaught of “multiculturalism” and Socialist ideals, then you belong with us.

    The message, placed in a plastic bag weighted with rocks, gives a guarantee of confidentiality and a phone number and an address to a P.O. Box to an address in Missouri.

    There is no word on how many Auburn residence received the messages, or if an Auburn resident is behind their delivery.

    The Auburn Police Department began receiving calls Sunday morning about the fliers. An Auburn police captain said since the fliers did not contain any threats, they consider the case a criminal littering investigation.


    Code of Alabama – Title 13A: Criminal Code – Section 13A-7-29 – Criminal littering

    (1) Knowingly deposits in any manner litter on any public or private property or in any public or private waters, having no permission to do so. For purposes of this subdivision, any series of items found in the garbage, trash, or other discarded material including, but not limited to, bank statements, utility bills, bank card bills, and other financial documents, clearly bearing the name of a person shall constitute a rebuttable presumption that the person whose name appears thereon knowingly deposited the litter. Advertising, marketing, and campaign materials and literature shall not be sufficient to constitute a rebuttable presumption of criminal littering under this subsection.

    (d) Criminal littering is a Class C misdemeanor in Alabama. The minimum fine for the first conviction shall be two hundred fifty dollars ($250).
    So, if my water bill ends up your driveway because raccoons got into my trash, that?s criminal littering (since my name is on it), but if the KKK throws fliers around town, that?s okay. After all, they’re just marketing materials.

  10. Dave, you’re right — the real problem is not the open bigots but the privileged halfwit Sonny Drysdales who sincerely take the attitude you so well parody.

    Funny stuff in a forum like this, yes, but how sad that there truly are insensitive jackasses who have no idea what it is like to face open, hostile bigotry in a society that pretends to be free.

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