Toy Story 4 rumors grow – a romantic comedy?????

Upcoming Pixar sums up a few rumors regarding Pixar’s fourth installment of their Toy Story series.

Morris also mentioned that the film will be a romantic comedy. And that?s not all, the relationship the toys have with children and people will not be explored. Now this is interesting, because we would have to infer that Bonnie?s role won?t be expanded further, since that?s the only child Woody and the gang interact with. And if this is true, it?s pretty disappointing. We knew from the press release that Rashida Jones and Will McCormack (Celeste and Jesse Forever) were on hand for the script and that a love story would be the focus of the fourth film. We also know that Jones? involvement is the strong female voice John Lasseter wanted in the writing.

Hard to think of Toy Story as a romantic comedy or one that focuses more on the humans. Toy Story 4 is due out in June of 2017.

3 thoughts on “Toy Story 4 rumors grow – a romantic comedy?????

  1. Wish they would leave these films in peace and come up with something new…these sequels are getting out of hand…have they run out of ideas?

  2. There doesn’t need to be another ‘Toy Story’ sequel; what there needs to be is an ‘Incredibles’ sequel. The original is the funniest and darkest movie Pixar ever made, and arguably the best superhero movie ever made. Bring back Brad Bird!

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