Has anyone tried the Astropad? Details here

A couple of weeks ago a new company released software called Astropad that turns your iPad into a graphic tablet – meaning it mirrors what’s on your desktop screen. You can draw in Photoshop on your iPad with a variety of stylus.

Here’s their promotional video:

Here’s a review:

Software costs $50. Anyone tried it yet?

3 thoughts on “Has anyone tried the Astropad? Details here

  1. I did the free trial…I have to say it’s elegant and easy to set up if you have a good wifi signal and are up to date on the software. You download the app on the iPad and the one for the Mac, and they found one another immediately. I opened Photoshop and fooled around with it, and the effect was pretty much instantaneous. I suspect if you’re happy with drawing on the iPad now, this would be a great buy. But the same limitations apply with pressure sensitivity, etc. If you like drawing on the iPad and want to get things to Photoshop faster and have a dirt cheap version of a Cintiq-like experience, I think this is a very cool thing. The 7-day trial is very smart…$50 is a lot to drop on a whim, so make sure it fits your workflow. Bottom line is that it’s VERY cool technology for sure. Pretty cool to put your feet up and sketch and see it show up on your Mac.

  2. Is there any app to reverse this (allow you to take an iPad app and put it on your Mac)? It may sound weird but I’d live to have ProCreate on my Mac/Cintiq.

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