Dan Collins is going to hell for the third time

Dan Collins has released his third e-book in the Cartoons That Will Send Me Straight To Hell series. His e-book business appears to be growing in the number of titles and distribution outlets. Dan tells me this latest book is selling in 14 different e-book sellers.

Click the cover image below to go to Amazon to read more about the book.

One thought on “Dan Collins is going to hell for the third time

  1. Thanks Alan! I had a long time New Yorker toonist inquiring about doing one but he balked when he found out he couldn’t control the layout and fonts etc in a reflowable epub. It’s hard to get some folks to wrap their heads around what an e-book is or does. It’s also hard to get them to realize that they don’t have to do one (print, e-book) or the other, they can and should do both. I am learning how to do fixed layout ebooks which will allow for total design control but they’re limitation is they are not totally supported on all devices and are therefore harder to monetize.

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