Ed Stein’s Sleeper Ave launches

Former Rocky Mountain News editorial cartoonist Ed Stein (who also created the comic strip Freshly Squeezed has launched his webcomic Sleeper Ave . The comic is a personal history of growing up in Waco, Texas in the 1950s. Here’s how Ed describes it:

In 1953, a tornado roared through the small town I grew up in. Waco, Texas, would never be the same. Other winds were blowing, too, ones that would bring equally wrenching changes. A long history of racial and religious intolerance was being challenged. Women working for the first time outside the home were not willing to go back to being mere housewives. Our post-war euphoria had given way to Cold War unease. The decades of the 50s and 60s would transform America, for good and for ill.

The webcomic is a mix of written word with illustrations which will give Ed a lot of flexibility to tell his story. He’s started a crowd-funded project on Beacon Reader for those who want to support independent journalism/artists. If you like his work, please head over and support his efforts.