NCS announces speakers Reuben Award weekend speakers

National Cartoonist Society President Tom Richmond has posted the cover art for this upcoming year’s NCS Reuben Awards weekend with caricatures of the line-up of speakers and special award winners. Family Circus cartoonist and former NCS President Jeff Keane will be the recipient of this year’s NCS ?Silver T-Square? for outstanding dedication to the organization. Speakers and panelists this year include: Pickles creator Brian Crane, comic book artist Doug Mahnke, Andertoons creator and gag cartoonist Mark Anderson, illustrator (and first recipient of the Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship) Juana Medina, cartoonist and author Nick Galifianakis, editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes and legendary Mort Drucker.

It looks like an entertaining line-up of speakers. This year’s gathering will be held in Washington D.C.

16 thoughts on “NCS announces speakers Reuben Award weekend speakers

  1. I just Googled every current flag in the world – saw them all on a free high-res downloadable image.

    NONE looked ANYTHING like Tom’s design, though Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan and Greenland did have circles and red motifs vaguely similar.

    So you must be referring to a Nazi flag from World War II which had a MUCH different red background, the same white circle and a super simple swastika of black…

    By that measure, any circular word balloon against a red background is also similar…


  2. LOL. I think Justin might want to get tested for color blindness and study up on Godwin’s law. With the former, if you think that the color of the circle is “white”, then I wonder what the color of the sky is in your world? With the latter, you are supposed to wait for a discussion to get rolling before making a Hitler or Nazi analogy.

    Rolling of eyes commencing….

  3. I think the coloring makes it look too much like Superman’s cape. And since Superman brutally murdered a defenseless, misunderstood supervillain in the last movie, I find the use of this color scheme to be reprehensible.

  4. I’m not color blind. It’s a white circle, sepia-toned like the papers in the water. I’m just trying to help. Ask some people. “Hey, does this look like a Nazi flag?” I’m sure some of them will laugh, snort and say yes. It could easily be made blue. Or just leave it as is. It’ll be an amusing talking point at the Reubens.

  5. “Ask some people. ?Hey, does this look like a Nazi flag?? I?m sure some of them will laugh, snort and say yes”

    This may be the safest wager I’ve ever heard.

    Try those man-on-the-street people from the Onion.

  6. “Just trying to help.”

    Well, you didn’t. Thanks for playing!

    And please feel free to ask a thousand people about the flag – maybe even try to lead them to your pet idea – and I’m sure you will hear a thousand snorts… all directed at the silliness of your concept…

  7. Usually I get a “thank you” when I spot an error in a design or report. “Good catch! I’ll change that right now.”

    But… whatever…

    At least it’s a funny mistake. The jokes write themselves.

  8. Usually there is an actual error to spot and needs catching before expecting to get a “thank you” for pointing it out. But…whatever…

    As for thinking this is going to be an amusing talking point at the Reubens, perhaps the difference between laughing AT and laughing WITH needs to be pointed out to you.

    When you’re stuck in a hole, stop digging. You’re welcome.

  9. “Ask some people. ?Hey, does this look like a Nazi flag?? I?m sure some of them will laugh, snort and say yes.”

    That’s true. It’s also true that if you ask some people if it looks like a ham sandwich, or the illuminati symbol, or Jesus, they’ll also say yes.

    I do see what you’re saying, but I didn’t see it at all until you said it. Which to me means, it’s not really there.

  10. I agree it easily goes unnoticed. I understand why people would disagree with me. And maybe they think I’m a member of the nitpicking PC Police, but I’m not. I see an unfortunate similarity and for me it’s distracting. It becomes a punchline. It’s like Jay Leno’s funny newspaper clippings. It’s something that can go unnoticed, but if someone riffs on it, an audience will get it.

  11. If you agree that it easily goes unnoticed, then you are agreeing it is a non-issue.

    An “unfortunate similarity” would NOT got unnoticed.

    Hence, there is nothing unfortunate.
    Nor is there a similarity that merits any comment…

    There is no “there” there…

  12. There exist a handful of people who can do what Tom does and none of them do it better. This is one of his best and as for the flag? I thought it was the Redskins logo. GO REDSKINS!

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