Sunday’s Pearls Before Swine mocks syndicate president John Glynn

Stephan Pastis often injects himself into his strip Pearls Before Swine, but yesterday he brought in his syndicate boss John Glynn.

Michael Cavna asked Stephan what prompted him to mock Universal Uclick’s President and Editorial Director:

So, what sparked this heartily applauded decision to get all passive-transgressive?

?Well, the truth is that Glynn is about as nice and easygoing as they come,? Pastis tells The Post?s Comic Riffs. ?But there was one strip awhile back where Pig confused the words ?rabbis? and ?rabies,? and [Glynn] wouldn?t let me run it unless I provided [client] papers with an alternate they could run instead.

?I thought that was a bit nuts, so we kindly exchanged profanities.?

Michael also reports that John Glynn, who often makes a cameo in several strips syndicated by Universal, took the mocking in stride.