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Profiled: Peter Dunlap Shohl talks of his animations, Parkinson’s Disease

Former Anchorage Daily News editorial cartoonist Peter Dunlap Shohl was interviewed by the local tv station about the projects he’s working on such as his Frozen Grin blog animations as well as his cartoons on the ?Off & On, The Alaska Parkinson?s Rag.?

Community Comments

#1 Gina Hollomon
@ 4:17 pm

Peter is the BEST! He looks at all life’s crazy situations with his unique style of wit and wisdom. Always funny, always smart and always leaves you thinking about the cartoon. He’s an Alaskan treasure!

#2 Milt Priggee
@ 2:31 pm

Peter IS the best?.THANK GOD the ADN got rid of him? the editors could ensure their readers no more of those LOCAL Alaska cartoons.

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