Michael Cavna to be full time Comic Riffs columnist

Michael Cavna, who started the blog Comic Riffs for The Washington Post in 2008 has announced that starting next year, his position as a columnist covering comics will be full time.

He tells me:

The Post has been highly supportive of Comic Riffs since it launched in 2008, and while I enjoyed my run as The Post’s TV/theater editor, this has been a natural evolution as readers increasingly came to Comic Riffs. The Post has also been very supportive of my cartooning career, so it’s a natural It also speaks to the tremendous changes in kids’ publishing, superhero films, webcomics and everywhere else visual storytelling is thriving.

Congratulations, Michael!

4 thoughts on “Michael Cavna to be full time Comic Riffs columnist

  1. Michael. Congratulations my buddy,It’s wonderful when a terrific talent gets to do what they love.

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