Video: Check out the new Peanuts movie trailer

Today, Blue Sky Studios released the official trailer for The Peanuts Movie.

I loved the first teaser they put out. This trailer has me a bit more worried about the film. Despicable Me didn’t feature the minions enough. Once the studio saw how likable and entertaining they were, Despicable Me 2 featured them too much. I’m worried that the lovability of Snoopy might be overplayed. We’ll see. Movie hits theaters next year.

They’ve also released hi-res photos (which I have conveniently turned into lo-res) from the move.

3 thoughts on “Video: Check out the new Peanuts movie trailer

  1. I like this trailer. And I like how they maintained the drawing style to the 3D rendition. When Sparky realized that Snoopy was popular, he made him a bigger part of the strip When Berkeley Breathed realized that Opus was popular, he made him a bigger part of the strip. I think it makes sense that the studio would make Snoopy and Woodstock a big part of the movie, because Schulz knew they made an impact an his audience too. I think he would approve.

  2. Snoopy and Woodstock pretty much edged out Charlie Brown and the kids in popularity years before this movie. If the Peanuts comic books from Kaboom are any indication, the staff at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates are not about to leave “Good Ol’ Charlie Brown” and the other kids in the dust (except maybe Pig-Pen, but that can’t be helped).

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