Bruce MacKinnon reflects on his Ottawa shooting cartoon

Bruce MacKinnon, editorial cartoonist for The Chronicle-Herald, drew a cartoon in response to last month’s the shooting in Ottawa’s Parliament building. The cartoon has resonated with many. Global News has a video interview with Bruce about drawing that cartoon.

From the Global News:

MacKinnon said the response has been overwhelming.

?I think it also speaks to the emotion attached to this story and the powerful symbolism,? he said. ?It?s a lot of forces that combined to get that kind of response. It?s very touching.?

3 thoughts on “Bruce MacKinnon reflects on his Ottawa shooting cartoon

  1. I am offended?.It was a horrible cartoon, I fail to see what is so funny about a defender of our country being being so tragically killed. The newspaper should fire this sorry excuse of a cartoonist to protect their readers from anymore of his immature doodles. What gives him the right to make light of this horrible event?
    Sarcastically shared for those readers who believe cartoons should always should be funny ?.because they ARE cartoons.

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