Rina Piccolo has gone digital

Tina’s Groove creator Rina Piccolo has started drawing her strip digitally. She cites two reasons, which you can read on her blog. Her summary is a strong endorsement for the Cintiq Companion.

To be honest, I didn?t think I?d find anything special in drawing on a tablet. I really am, at heart, a paper-and-ink girl. But I have to say, I am thrilled at how smoothly the pen nib moves across the ?page?? it feels like a liquid line; a wet brush that you never have to stop and dip. The Companion is the best that technology can offer the professional illustrator, painter, or cartoonist. The touch screen is pressure sensitive and it can be treated like a piece of paper: I draw with my right hand, and with my left I can move the page around, pinch to zoom out, spread open to work close. It feels good. I can pencil and ink six Tina?s Groove dailies and feel no physical strain, only fun. In fact, I?m faster, more efficient, less tired. Which means I have time left over for more drawing!

If I understand her correctly, the top strip (today’s) is done digitally, the lower one is last Saturday’s:

Can you tell the difference?

You can read her strip over at Comics Kingdom.

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  1. I think this from Maurice Grosser applies here: “The painter draws with his eyes, not with his hands. Whatever he sees, if he sees it, he can put it down.”

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