Notice: Berryman Award entry deadline is tomorrow!

A friendly reminder that tomorrow is the deadline to enter into the Berryman Award for editorial cartooning. The award goes to cartoons “that exhibits power to influence public opinion, plus good drawing and striking effect.” The award is a $2,500 prize.

Visit the National Press Club’s website for entry details.

Of all the cartooning awards, this is interesting in that it only accepts one five cartoons per cartoonist. I can imagine it being hard selecting only one five cartoons.

Correction: My original post indicated that the Berryman submission was limited to only a single cartoon. The actual portfolio submitted is five. I’ve changed the post above to reflect this.

2 thoughts on “Notice: Berryman Award entry deadline is tomorrow!

  1. I always forget about this contest because the deadline is 3 to 4 months before most contest deadlines. Is there a worse editorial cartoonist memory contest? I might have a shot at that.

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