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Profiled: John McPherson, creator of Close to Home

Bucknell University has posted a profile of Close to Home creator John McPherson who graduated from the university in 1983.

From Bucknell:

The genesis of Close to Home, McPherson said, began during his time at Bucknell, where he indulged his creativity with a degree in English while satisfying his practical side by studying mechanical engineering. He drew his first comic during a break from school, after one of his friends remarked that the comics that Sunday were terrible, and that he could do better.

“It really came out of a desire to express my sense of humor,” McPherson said. “I tried to make it as a freelance writer at the same time I was trying to make it as a cartoonist. I just found it easier to break into cartooning and illustration than I did as a writer, because there were simply fewer people out there trying to do it.”

Close to home is syndicated by Universal Uclick.

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