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Marvel and Kirby family strike last-minute deal before case goes to Supreme Court consideration

From Deadline Hollywood comes news that just days before the US Supreme Court was to take into consideration the legal case between Jack Kirby heirs and Marvel, the two parties have struck “amicably resolved their legal disputes.”

Dominic Patten writing for Deadline:

All things considered, and with the billions that Marvel/Disney have made off the films filled with characters Kirby created, this 11th hour deal should come as no great surprise ? except for how long it took them. The bottom line and PR risk that the media giant was taking if SCOTUS had agreed to move the family?s petition up to an actual hearing would have sent a shudder through the market and the town.

The terms of the deal haven’t been announced that I can find.

Community Comments

#1 Pete McDonnell
@ 11:44 am

Disney/Marvel made a smart move. I imagine the payoff has to be very substantial for the Kirby clan, and well deserved.

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