Check out Peanuts Studio blog

I didn’t know this existed until today, but I’m adding it to my feed reader. Very cool insight into the Peanuts Studio that oversees all licensing, art and editorial content for all Peanuts products worldwide.

I?ve always said that the Peanuts Studio (Charles M. Schulz?s studio) is one of the best-kept cartooning secrets because no one knows it still exists. The truth is that the studio not only exists, and people work here, but it?s crazy busy! We (the studio team) are responsible for oversight of the art and editorial content for all licensed Peanuts products worldwide. That means we are connected to licensees in over 24 time zones. As I type this, there are 24,369 active submissions in our digital approvals system. By the time we get into the office on Monday it?s Tuesday in Japan, which means we?re already behind before the week even gets started!

In addition to product development the studio staff generates artwork and content for t-shirts, coasters, coffee mugs, books, blimps, animated commercials, handheld games and apps. We work in tandem with the Peanuts Worldwide office, who manages the business from New York City. We?re hoping this blog will give you an insider?s view of the ongoing work in Charles Schulz?s Peanuts Studio.