Podcast: Episode 200 ? Tall Tale Features Reunion

Tom Racine’s latest Tall Tale Radio podcast episode is now available. Head over to Tall Tale Radio and give it a listen. In this episode:

Episode 200 – Tall Tale Features Reunion

Oh, the overwhelming Tall Tale Features-ness of this episode is staggering!  6 years ago, I started Tall Tale Radio, and now have reached 200 episodes!  The podcast started because Mike Witmer (“Pinkerton”) was creating an artist collective called Tall Tale Features, and asked me to do the podcast.  I was doing Comics Coast to Coast at the time (which is still going strong and is well worth a place on your “must listen to” list!), but decided the time was ripe to go off on my own!

All the planets aligned for this mini-reunion of some Tall Tale Features members;  Irma Eriksson of “Imy” happened to be vacationing here in San Diego this week, Lucas Turnbloom (“Imagine This”) is now co-hosting with me; David Reddick (“Intelligent Life” and “Legend of Bill”) had to reschedule a previous interview to this one; Jonathan Lemon (“Rabbits Against Magic”) had just sent me a brand new “Lemon List” about Popeye; AND it was going to be a nice milestone episode, number 200.  So, with all that, I also invited TTF Founder and Overlord, Mike Witmer, who just happens to be re-launching “Pinkerton” with all new strips and re-invigorated enthusiasm!

So, it’s a bit of a long episode, but indulge me as I bask in the wonderful camaraderie of many of the people who helped make Tall Tale Radio a reality in the first place!

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out to the other members of the Tall Tale Features line-up, amazing artists and friends all!
Norm Feuti, “Retail”
Brian Anderson, “Dog Eat Doug”
Barb Jacobs
Chip Skelton
Brock Heasley, “SuperFogeys”
Scott Metzger, “Bent Pinky”