Chris Ware producing graphic novella exclusively for The Guardian

Chris Ware has been given prime color real estate in The Guardian to produce a graphic novella called The Last Saturday that will run each week this fall and online here.

From Fast Company:

The newspaper comic strip isn’t exactly dead, but it’s safe to say that it’s reeling. The decline of newsprint comics dates back well before the ill health of the newspaper itself–the days when artfully-illustrated work like Calvin & Hobbes got prime real estate printed at sizes large enough to actually take in the skill of the creators passed shortly after Calvin retired to spend more time peeing on things–but it remains an ongoing concern.

Chris Ware, the artist behind the multiple Harvey- and Eisner-award winning Acme Novelty Library andJimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On Earth, has teamed with The Guardian paper to demonstrate what a world-class artist can do with a whole lot of newsprint over the fall. His new graphic novella, The Last Saturday, is being published serially in the paper’s pages over the fall, and the first installment was released over the weekend.