Dan Piraro to host FOX reality TV show Utopia

Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro has announced that he’s been cast as the host of a FOX network reality TV show, Utopia. From his blog:

Think about it. I?m at home in my sweatpants working on my cartoon career like I?ve been doing for the past 30 years, a friend asks me if I?d like to do some voiceover work for a TV show and I?m thinking, ?Sure. If I can make a few extra bucks talking into a microphone for a few hours a week, I?m game.? A few weeks later I?m on national TV, posing for publicity shots, and going on press junkets. I didn?t even have an agent or a headshot when this started. People who?ve been working for this kind of break in showbiz for years must hate me, and I can?t blame them. To them, I can only say I?m sorry.

Here’s a teaser with Dan’s voice.

4 thoughts on “Dan Piraro to host FOX reality TV show Utopia

  1. I like Dan’s art work and humor, but this show looks horrendous, and that opening song, yikes. Sorry, not usually such a hater, but I think we could learn a lot more about a documentary made about a real commune, but alas, that would not have nearly the same amount of manipulative drama or the same ratings. This show might be a hit and I wish Dan success, but I think we can call this what it is ? another reality show, bent on producing drama where normally in life (real life) there would not be any.

  2. I watched the 2 hour premiere of Utopia last night. I think it’s a great concept for a reality show and I’m looking forward to the next episode. But I agree with the men in the cast….that blonde woman needs to SHUT UP, SHUT UP, JUST STOP TALKING, SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!!!

  3. I have been a BIG fan of Dan’s and Bizarro for years, and if the chance came along for me to make the kind of money that Fox must be paying him, I would have to think hard about it. But…..what a crock of s@$#! I wonder if Dan had to sign a no-cartoon contract, one that barred him from drawing anything making fun of the show for at least the (hopefully) limited run of this piece of manipulative garbage. But like I say when I have to play a gig for rich, unappreciative country clubbers, it might as well be me that gets that money.

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