Archie cartoonist Stan Goldberg passes at age 82

Sad news in the cartooning community as news that Archie cartoonist Stan Goldberg has passed away at the age of 82 after suffering a stroke.

Tribute from National Cartoonists Society President Tom Richmond:

It?s with great sadness I pass on the news that comic book legend Stan Goldberg passed away today at age 82 from complications of a severe stroke he suffered a few weeks ago. Stan and his wife Pauline were two of the most wonderful, friendly and genuine people the Lovely Anna and I ever had the privilege of getting to know through the National Cartoonists Society? and that is saying a lot as we count many, many NCS members as very good friends.

Stan had the kind of career in comics that in some ways flew under the radar, but in others was one of rare influence and greatly respected by industry pros. He was best known as a principal artist for Archie Comics for over 30 years, but he also freelanced for many others. He worked for Timely Comics, which would become Atlas and then Marvel, and was the colorist for their early titles, coming up with many of the color schemes for the costumes for The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Hulk and other eventual staples of the Marvel superhero world. After a split with Archie, Stan continued to work for companies like Bongo, DC and others on a variety of titles.

From Jason Chatfield:

Stan was one of the most generous and encouraging cartoonists I ever had the privilege to meet -not to mention one of the most impressive.

My first encounter with Stan was in 2006 when I was 21. Stan and I were guests of Bunny Hoest for her annual ?Bunny Bash? in Long Island. I was a bit starstruck at first, a dorky kid who?d flown over from Perth, but Stan?s softly-spoken, gentle manner soon calmed my nerves. His wife, Pauline is just as polite and warm. I had a long chat with both Stan and Pauline that afternoon and kept in touch from then on.

Eight years later I?m living in New York, thanks in no small part to Stan and his incredible generosity. Stan took the time to write to the US Department of Immigration as a reference for me becoming a US Resident.

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  1. Stephen Silver said this on Facebook:

    It is with great sadness to report that we have lost another cartoon great, Stan Goldberg.Best known for(Archie comics). I was honored and privileged to have known him personally as a good friend for the past 10 years. Stan Goldberg was a jack of all trades. He was the Color Designer for all the Classic Marvel super heroes and villains of the 1960’s including Spier- Man, The Fantastic Four, The x-men and the Hulk. He illustrated adventure stories, drew gag cartoons, Pop art for advertising, and illustrated all the teen titles for Marvel. Since 1968 Stan drew the titles and covers for Archie. Stan was a sweet kind loving man who opened up his heart to my family and everyone he came across. I even had a chance to stay over at his home in New York for two days were we talked non stop about the good old days of illustration. I last got to see and hang out with him this past May in San Diego with the NSC (National Cartoonist Society) where he told me of the exciting things he was doing and going to do. I am in tears as I even write this and wish there was more time. It is a reminder that life is short and you never know when you say goodbye to someone, just how long that goodbye will be for. Goodbye Stan, I love you and thanks for being such a great inspiration and man.

  2. Very sad. Stan and Pauline?two of the most gracious, warm and interesting people I’ve met through this society. Rest in peace, Stan.

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